Medical Education Fellowship

The Department of Emergency Medicine collaborates with the SMHS Office for Graduate Medical Education in delivering a Medical Education Fellowship with an emphasis on Medical Simulation.

Program Overview

The GWU SMHS Medical Education Fellowship with a concentration in Simulation is a 1 year mentored program which combines educational requirements, research, and clinical experience to provide a comprehensive education in the use of simulation in medical education.

The Fellowship has Three Core Components: Clinical, Educational, and Research Activities. The fellowship program offers advanced training in simulation education and curriculum design / evaluation. Fellows learn fundamentals of adult learning theory through an established educational curriculum, the Master Teacher Leadership Development Program, through the Graduate School of  Education and Human Development.    Fellows develop simulation training skills in the SMHS Clinical Learning and Simulation Skills (CLASS) Center by creating, implementing, reviewing and supervising medical simulation and virtual care exercises for students and residents.  Fellows obtain a broad understanding of the diversity in simulation education through participation in conferences and courses, and may tour other simulation centers.  Fellows are expected to create and implement an independent simulation based research project.

Goals of the Program:

  • Fellows will acquire a foundation in adult learning principles, as applied to medical education and simulation.
  • Fellows will obtain a practical understanding of simulation modalities including Standardized Patients, partial task trainers, haptic simulators, and full body mannequins that are commonly used in medical education.
  • Fellows will learn how to develop and assess simulation sessions to meet curricular goals, in the domains of procedural skills, teamwork training, and quality assurance/patient safety.
  • Fellows will understand the fundamentals of educational research using simulation.

For more information, visit the SMHS Office for Graduate Medical Education.