Current Residents

Class of 2023
Fatmah Alsomali

Fatmah Alsomali, MBBS

MBBS, King Abdulaziz University

Q. Why did you choose GW for residency?

GW has a four-year program, which I believe gives me a better opportunity to be an excellent physician, and still have some time to do things outside of medicine. 

Q. What is your favorite thing about living in DC?

DC is an international city with a diverse culture and rich history, so it's perfect for someone like me who is new to the US. Also, I love living near a body of water, and DC has the Potomac River. It has a direct flight to my home town of Jeddah, which makes my life easy. 


Joseph Brooks

Joseph Brooks, MD

BS, Georgetown University
MD, The University of Toledo

Q. Why did you choose GW for residency?

I chose GW because I wanted to end up at an academic center in a big city. I had also lived in DC before, and have an interest in health policy, so there's really no better place to be in that regard. I really identified with the mission of the program, and I appreciated the time the fourth year gives to develop your niche in the field of Emergency Medicine. On top of that, I was impressed by the program leadership and the residents that I met on the interview day.

Q. What is your favorite thing about living in DC?

There are so many things to love about DC! It's a big city that feels like a smaller city. It's easy to walk/run/bike anywhere. There are great options for all different kinds of food. There's a ton of free stuff to do everywhere. And there are ample opportunities for happy hour/bottomless brunch.


Brandon Chaffay

Brandon Chaffay, MD

BS, Queen's University
MSc, Western University
MB;BCh, University College Dublin School of Medicine

Q. Why did you choose GW for residency?

Amazing vibes! I left my interview day feeling that at GW you could find your niche in emergency medicine due to amazing mentorship and support to pursue any interest you have. I am interested in fellowships in critical care/global health and loved the mini-fellowship opportunity as well as the broad research interests of the faculty.

Q. What is your favorite thing about living in DC?

Having so many fantastic options to choose from when you have free time! DC is a very multi-cultural city and with that, the food here is amazing - especially if you can make it for a happy hour. Also, being from Canada, I was thrilled when I discovered I can play hockey again in Virginia!


Alexander Kreisman

Alexander Kreisman, MD

BA, Pitzer College
MD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Q. Why did you choose GW for residency?

I chose GW because I knew it would provide me with a variety of opportunities to have an influential career in academic medicine, plus the location is amazing for doing anything you wish to do when you're not on a shift.

Q. What is your favorite thing about living in DC?

The walkability of the city is great! After a shift, the ability to listen to a podcast or music and just experience a new neighborhood has been nice. Plus the food variety has been a pleasant surprise.


Joel Lange

Joel Lange, MD

BA, University of Wisconsin
MD, Medical College of Wisconsin

Q. Why did you choose GW for residency?

Many reasons, but especially because it was easy to see on interview day that people at GW really enjoyed being together. It was so apparent they were more than just co-residents and coworkers, but more of friends and family. Also, in a single shift, you might treat anyone from a "frequent flyer" to a congressman in septic shock!

Q. What is your favorite thing about living in DC?

It's a truly international city - walking home I might hear people in speaking 6 different languages and they all bring their own cultures and experiences (and food) to share.


Malori Lankenau

Malori Lankenau, MD

BS, The Ohio State University
MD, University of Cincinnati

Q. Why did you choose GW for residency?

I loved the close-knit feel of the residency, it was obvious that everyone (faculty, co-residents) had each other's back. I also am interested in global health and medicine in low-resource settings, and GW has many opportunities for this already established.

Q. What is your favorite thing about living in DC?

I love how much there is to do in DC! There are so many museums and exhibits, as well as parks to explore. There are also a lot of amazing restaurants that I am excited to try.


Ayal Pierce

Ayal Pierce, MD

BS, Tufts University
MD, Tufts University

Q. Why did you choose GW for residency?

The people! I did my away rotation here and the residents, faculty, nurses, and techs were all great to work with and learn from. GW is a place where you make your own path for residency and have tons of resources to help achieve your career goals. 

Q. What is your favorite thing about living in DC?

The diversity. From the people who live here, to the things to do on your time off, I can never imagine ever being bored here. Plus the happy hours are amazing, especially coming from Boston where happy hours are not a thing.


Margarita Popova

Margarita Popova, MD

BA, Columbia University
MD, Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California

Q. Why did you choose GW for residency?

GW seemed like a well-balanced program with the support/resources that would help me find my niche within EM. Also, I liked all of the residents/faculty/leadership I met during my interview day! Lastly, the diversity of GW's patient population was an important factor.

Q. What is your favorite thing about living in DC?

I recently moved here so still figuring this out... but I am looking forward to visiting lots of museums, exploring the city's green spaces, meeting people working on a variety of cool things, and getting to climb/backpack in the surrounding areas! I am also super excited to be closer to my family on the East Coast!


Kristin Raphel

Kristin Raphel, MD

BA, Pomona College
MD, Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical Schoool

Q. Why did you choose GW for residency?

Honestly, by the end of interview season, most programs blurred together. I couldn’t keep track of which program had how many residents or which programs had which specific rotations. What I did remember was the feeling I had from interactions during every interview and social. All of the residents and program leadership that I met during my interview day here at GW were awesome. Along with being in a great city, it all just felt like a great fit.

Q. What is your favorite thing about living in DC?

DC is awesome. Being someone who has grown up on both coasts, I appreciate the nice mix of people and attitudes from all over the country. It’s a young, fun, active community with tons to do - and an awesome queer community, if that’s your thing. I really can’t say enough great things about this city. I’m excited to be here and to continue to explore it!


Michael West

Michael West, MD

BSPH, George Washington University
DO, A.T. Still University School of Osteopathic Medicine

Q. Why did you choose GW for residency?

It is such a strong program with unique opportunities in policy and EMS (my favorite subsection of EM). Most importantly, I felt at home at GW more than anywhere else on the interview trail.

Q. What is your favorite thing about living in DC?

I absolutely love DC. I have a lot of roots in the area and my fiancé is from here. On top of that, the food scene is awesome and there are many things to do outside of the ED on my days off. 

Class of 2024
Uthman Alamoudi

Uthman Alamoudi, MPH, MBBS

MBBS, King Abdulaziz University
MPH, John Hopkins University

Q. What excites you about GW residency?

Unique hospital location makes it a great place to practice in term of variety and number of cases.

Amazing academic faculty members who help us writing and publish papers.

Q. What do you like about living in DC?

It is one of the places in the world where you can experience all four seasons.  

It is one of the most diverse cities in America which gives the city a unique culture.

There is a lot of entertainment options such as the monuments and museums. There are also theaters that host live shows.

Fun facts
Love traveling and playing soccer.

Jordan Feltes

Jordan Feltes, MD

BA, Emory University
MD, St. Louis University

What excites you about GW?

Limitless Opportunities. We have faculty in critical care, ultrasound, toxicology, and beyond that help you shape your career.

What do you like about living in DC?

First and foremost, the walkability! You can live within walking distance of the hospital, plenty of restaurants and shops, the national mall, the White House, Georgetown, all at the same time! DC is incredibly easy to get around.

Ian Hunter

Ian Hunter, MS, MD

BS, University of Vermont
MS, MD, New York Medical College

What excites you about GW?

Diverse patient population, opportunities in operation/disaster medicine, and my fellow residents.

What do you like about living in DC?

Feels like a city with access to amenities, excellent food, culture while being within a short drive of being in nature. Rock Creek, the Mall, Great Falls, etc… All is amazing.

Fun Facts:

I played bass in my medical school jazz-funk band, The Borborygmi Bells. Am an expert at building brio trains.

Yasir Hussein

Yasir Hussein, MD

BS, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
MD, Tufts University

What excites you about GW?

The people! This program has so many amazing, fun, caring and supportive residents and faculty, which gives this program a close-knit/family feel. I've made some really close friends in this program and I really enjoy working together as a team in the ED. We also have a very busy and high acuity ED with a diverse and medically complex patient population which provides everything you need to develop excellent clinical skills.

What do you like about living in DC?

DC is a perfect-sized city, not too big or small. It's also a very diverse city with a large black population with tons of great options for food, nightlife, sightseeing, museums, outdoor activities, and more. It's also really easy to get around the city with the metro.

Fun Facts:

I love hip-hop/R&B, going to concerts, traveling, playing and watching sports, cooking, playing guitar, and dancing bachata

Owen Lee Park

Owen Lee Park, MD

BS, Cornell University
MD, University of Maryland

What excites you about GW?

Diversity of interests among residents and faculty-- from disaster medicine to wellness

What do you like about living in DC?

Its rich culture, with so much art, music and cuisine.

Fun Facts:

I love playing with my family's backyard chickens.

Ashleigh Omorogbe

Ashleigh Omorogbe, MD

BA/BS, University of Maryland, Baltimore
PB, MD, Indiana University

What excites you about GW?

The diverse patient population and staff. Also, the sense of community in our department. I’m interested in health policy and administration and GW offers so many opportunities to learn in these areas!

What do you like about living in DC?

There’s so much to do! It’s an incredibly welcoming city where you’ll meet people of all backgrounds. DC has amazing food and culture. The beauty of the city captures you in every season.

Fun Facts:

John Lee

John Organick-Lee, MD

BS, Whitman College
MD, Mayo Clinic School of Medicine

What excites you about GW?

Working in one of the most diverse cities in the US, stellar mentorship by attentive and caring faculty, and of course working with my fellow residents!

What do you like about living in DC?

Living in a metropolitan area with all the benefits of a city, like free museums and amazing food, without the traffic. Also, the public transit is amazing, and there are so many outdoorsy opportunities like waterfall hikes, kayaking, and hundreds of miles of bike paths.

Fun Facts:

I have a dog that acts like a human and a cat that acts like a dog.

Elizabeth Rempfer

Elizabeth Rempfer, MD

BS,  Wake Forest University
MD, West Virginia University

What excites you about GW?

The opportunities! I love working alongside attendings that are literal experts in their fields. I came to GW a little unsure of where I wanted to take my career- academics vs disaster med vs global health, and I have all of those options here.

What do you like about living in DC?

I love how vibrant DC is, and how you can always find amazing food no matter the time of day. There's amazing rooftop restaurants and numerous hidden hole-in-the-wall breakfast places. Additionally, there's nothing more beautiful than driving into that early morning shift and seeing the sunrise behind the monuments.

Fun Facts:

I grew up in NH but never learned to ski. 
I'm a proud mom to a 35lb husky-pomeranian mix. 

Andrew Singletary

Andrew Singletary, MD

BS, Emory University
MD, Case Western Reserve University

What excites you about GW?

I appreciate that GW allows us the opportunity to practice in multiple clinical sites with very different patient populations, practice patterns, and resources. I also enjoy the camaraderie between the residents, attendings, and our administrative staff.

What do you like about living in DC?

I appreciate that GW allows us the opportunity to practice in multiple clinical sites with very different patient populations, practice patterns, and resources. I also enjoy the camaraderie between the residents, attendings, and our administrative staff.

Fun Facts:

Joseph Skrabal

Ryan Skrabal, MD

BS, UNC at Chapel Hill
MD, East Carolina University

What excites you about GW?

The people! Getting to work every day with people I enjoy being around and learning from - nurses, residents, fellows, and attendings. The GW emergency department is crazy, but exciting - every day is a new adventure.

What do you like about living in DC?

The amount of things to do - from the pick-up soccer and basketball games happening anywhere in the city to the wide variety of cuisines readily available to the proximity of hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities. You will never be bored living in or near the city. I also enjoy the neighborhoods of DC and being able to walk and bike to places rather than drive everywhere.

Fun Facts:

I make a mean buffalo chicken dip and also have a great nickname.

Angela Wu

Angela Wu, MPH, MD

BS, MPH, MD, University of Arizona Tucson

What excites you about GW?

I did an away rotation at GW and loved all the people! Dr. Roche took time to meet with me personally and was a huge influence on me choosing GW. It seemed like there was a mentor available for any interest and I felt I could really develop a professional niche here. It’s also the best, most fun, and supportive group of co-residents you could ask for!

What do you like about living in DC?

Living a 10-minute walk from my sister and spending more time with my niece, endless amazing food with a lot of ethnic diversity, cherry blossoms, biking to the sculpture garden for sangria and so much more! Moving here in the pandemic has limited what I have been able to experience so far but I still love DC. Plus my allergies are way better here so my sinuses don’t explode every year.

Fun Facts:

Class of 2025
Kirsten Boone

Kirsten Boone

BS, University of Cincinnati
MD, Ohio State University
Reynoldsburg, OH

What excites you about GW?

One of the things I love most about GW is that there are so many opportunities to explore niche passions. GW has fellowships in everything from Disaster Medicine to Health Policy and there are faculty who are interested in any topic you can imagine. With mini-fellowships, there will be lots of opportunities to develop an expertise in areas of interest. I am interested in how we care for vulnerable populations in the ED and I am excited to work with and learn from national leaders in that area. In addition, GW feels like a family. Within one week of moving here, the residents have become close friends and I know I have a home at GW. Finally, at GW you serve an urban population. Located right next to a metro stop and blocks from the National Mall everyone from tourists to congresswomen, to people experiencing homelessness come to our ED.

What do you like about living in DC?

There is always something new to explore! The city is vibrant and diverse and has no limit of restaurants and bars to try, parks to run in, concerts to go to, etc. As someone from the Midwest, I love how friendly everyone is here and how welcoming the city is.

Fun Facts:

Karen Chung

Karen Chung

BS, Pomona College
MD, University of Washington
Cupertino, CA

What excites you about GW?

The huge diversity of people we take care of, from the person who lives in a tent to the Congressperson or foreign diplomat, and all the individual stories in between. Also, the chance to learn about and get involved with policy & advocacy -- you can't get closer to the source than DC!

What do you like about living in DC?

The city is incredibly diverse, and there is a shockingly wide range of delicious food. Each neighborhood is like its own little town, so there is tons to explore. Plus, most museums are free!

Fun Facts:

I'm a Hufflepuff, ISFJ, enneagram 6w7. My defining interests are ice cream, cats, and outdoor adventures. I'm always on the hunt for good boba and noodles. My husband is in the GW IM program (and I compel him to take all our admits). 

Hannah Fairley

Hannah Fairley

BS, University of Arkansas
MD, Texas Tech University
Plano, TX

What excites you about GW?

I'm excited to be practicing Emergency Medicine in a fast-paced, diverse environment surrounded by amazing people. The faculty and residents clearly care about the community and each other. GW will be a great place to grow as an Emergency Medicine physician.

What do you like about living in DC?

DC is a vibrant and diverse city! There is always something to do when you are surrounded by this much history and culture.

Fun Facts:

Timothy Harmon

Timothy Harmon

BS, Clemson University
MD/MPH, Louisiana State University
Charlotte, NC

What excites you about GW?

I love all the opportunities that GW offers as a residency. You will receive an excellent clinical education and will also have time built into your schedule for areas of personal interest. I can't wait to get involved with disaster medicine and EMS initiative with the department. There are many chances to work with federal agencies or get into teaching medical students, EMT trainees, and other classes. I can't wait to see what the next four years hold in store.

What do you like about living in DC?

I love that I can walk almost every day to work or to meet friends. The metro makes it so convenient to get out and do things in the city and feel connected to everything. It's also just pretty to walk around. The historic homes and monuments everywhere make it enjoyable no matter where you end up going. There is something really cool about getting to see sights every day that most people plan vacations to get the chance to see!

Fun Facts:

I love to cook, bake, and play board games and I'm super thankful that so many of the other residents have dogs to play with. On vacation, I'll almost always been at the lake when it's warm or on the slopes in the winter.


Arman Hussain

Arman Hussain

BS, Syracuse University
MD, George Washington University
Arlington, VA

What excites you about GW?

Some of the best teaching I had during med school was from the GW EM faculty - excited to get more of that while I train in the best specialty.

What do you like about living in DC?

Lots of beautiful places to go - favorite is the Tidal Basin right around sunset

Fun Facts:

I used to direct the Syracuse University Basketball Band, have caught all the Pokémon, and like everyone else in quarantine, have my own sourdough starter and too many plants.

Lian Lancaster

Lian Lancaster

BS, University of California, Berkley
MD, University of California, San Diego
Weaverville, CA

What excites you about GW?

I'm excited to learn more about the community we will serve while working alongside some awesome colleagues. GW also has so many opportunities get involved and being in DC you get opportunities that you otherwise wouldn't get in another location.

What do you like about living in DC?

All the free things you can do, the food, and how it is still so close to nature.

Fun Facts:

Robert Pena

Robert Pena

BS, Cornell University
MS, Cornell University
MD, Hofstra/Northwell School of Medicine
Garden City, NY

What excites you about GW?

I am incredibly excited to be working in a strong program which both promotes leadership and provides limitless possibilities for pursuing my passions both in and out of medicine. Even more so, the faculty and my co-residents are amazing physicians who foster a supportive, fun, familial, work hard, play hard mentality. GW EM folk are as dedicated to EM as they are to each other and that is the true mark of a great residency program. I can’t wait to see where GW takes me over the next four years personally and professionally.

What do you like about living in DC?

As a born and bred New Yorker, I always need to be near a major metropolitan area with great food, diverse neighborhoods, museums, and endless opportunities for its inhabitants. I am also someone deeply passionate about medicine, art, music, writing, fitness, and politics, so I immediately fell in love with DC. As a side bonus, DC is an incredibly welcoming city for LGBTQ people such as myself. I could not be more proud to call myself a new inhabitant of our capital.

Fun Facts:

I have a mild case of Marfan Syndrome and underwent lens replacements for my eyes at 14yo and open-heart surgery at 23yo. I am obsessed with weightlifting and bodybuilding and proudly identify as a gay man. I love to read, write, play the piano, and paint. I also ran for political office while in medical school and want to do so again as an attending physician.

Taylor Peter-Bibb

Taylor Peter-Bibb

BA, University of Colorado
MD, University of Hawaii
Kaneohe, HI

What excites you about GW?

Diversity of patients, volume/acuity, active in social justice discussions, access to health policy opportunities, the city of DC, and my co-residents/faculty!

What do you like about living in DC?

Great food! Very walkable city. Excited to do all the free cultural stuff (eg. Smithsonian's) once everything fully opens back up!

Fun Facts:

Kathryn Thompson

Kathryn Thompson

BS, University of Notre Dame
MD, University of Chicago
Leawood, KS

What excites you about GW?

I value GW's commitment to serving a clinically, culturally, and socioeconomically diverse patient population in a high-volume ED. Our residency program places a distinct emphasis on mentorship and critical care education that I believe will ground me as an emergency medicine physician. And I am really excited about the unparalleled opportunities to get involved in tactical and disaster medicine!

What do you like about living in DC?

I love that DC is a city where urban and outdoors meet, the incredible vantage point on the East coast, the history/culture/museums/art, and of course, the cicada emersion that happens every 17 years.

Fun Facts:

Samuel Winsten

Samuel Winsten

BS, Baylor University
MD, University of Texas-Galveston
Alamogordo, NM

What excites you about GW?

The opportunity to practice medicine in such a diverse city is an incredible privilege, and I am excited to contribute to the health and wellbeing of citizens of all socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds.

What do you like about living in DC?

DC provides a lot of opportunities for exploration, enjoying the outdoors, and trying all kinds of delicious food.

Fun Facts:

I wrote an over 100-page paper about obstetric medical care in the Soviet Union, and I never will again.

Class of 2026
Amelia Bryan

Amelia Bryan

BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MD, Stanford University

Secret Talents: Sword fighting, dancing (tap and ballet), and knowing song lyrics

If I Couldn't Be a Doctor: I would own a bakery!

EM Interests: EMS & Critical Care



Abraham Campbell

Abraham "Pierce" Campbell

BS, Eastern Washington University
DO, Western University of Health Sciences

Secret Talents: I have been gifted with remarkably flat feet. In both frequency and volume - spilling food/drinks. ‘The office’ trivia. Overcooking pasta.

If I Couldn't Be a Doctor: Mow lawns like Forrest Gump

EM Interests: Toxicology, Critical Care


Jordan Detrick

Jordan Detrick

BS, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
MS, Boston University
MD, University of Cincinnati

Secret Talents: I can tell the future (I dabble in tarot) and make a mean quiche

If I Couldn't Be a Doctor: I would run an animal rescue/pumpkin patch/apple orchard and spend all my time gardening

EM Interests: Disaster Medicine & Health Policy


Leslie Gailloud

Leslie Gailloud

BA, University of Chicago
MD, University of Maryland 

Secret Talents: Surprisingly good at loading a Uhaul to fit furniture in (probably because I've moved so many times)

If I Couldn't Be a Doctor: Run a comic book store/wine shop

EM Interests: Health Policy, Admin, Ultrasound


Victoria Larsen

Victoria Larsen

BS, Howard University
MD, George Washington University

Secret Talents: Hearing a phone vibrate ring from several rooms away, assembling IKEA furniture

If I Couldn't Be a Doctor: Be a photographer or pilot

EM Interests: EMS and Disaster Medicine


Catherine Levitt

Catherine Levitt

BS, Boston University
MD, USF Health Morsani  

Secret Talents: Knowing what movie/TV show an actor/actress has been in, good at music trivia, if a sport involves hand-eye coordination I'm pretty good at it, can solve a rubix cube fast, making a good bowl of chili

If I Couldn't Be a Doctor: Own a winery and make my own wine

EM Interests: Medical Education and Health Policy


Jennifer Luk

Jennifer Luk

BS, Stony Brook University
MPH, CUNY School of Public Health
MD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Secret Talents: Playing devil's advocate (but respectfully) and managing 50 open tabs at once

If I Couldn't Be a Doctor: Library cafe owner!

EM Interests: Health Policy, Critical Care, Disaster Medicine


Katherine Markin

Katherine Markin

BS, University of Michigan
MD, George Washington University

Secret Talents: Used to be an Equestrian - still pretty good at horseback riding!

If I Couldn't Be a Doctor: I would work in disaster response

EM Interests: Disaster Medicine/Tox


Lauren Rosenfeld

Lauren Rosenfeld

BA, University of Oregon
M.Ed, Relay Graduate School of Education
MD, University of Miami School of Medicine

Secret Talents: I always have a back-up plan to my back-up plan

If I Couldn't Be a Doctor: Tie between behavioral economics and art gallery owner

EM Interests: Too many! Admin, education, health policy, social medicine, quality improvement, sim, and more to come I'm sure


Melanie Schroeder

Melanie Schroeder

BS, University of Michigan
MD, University of Arizona College of Medicine

Secret Talents: Can rap "The Real Slim Shady" in entirety' can fall asleep anywhere anytime

If I Couldn't Be a Doctor: For funsies: Hip Hop dance instructor, animal rescue coordinator; For realsies: A middle school teacher

EM Interests: Medical Education, Health Policy


Caitlin Wiliams

Caitlin Williams

BA/BS, University of California, Irvine
MS, Georgetown University
MD, Nova Southeastern University

Secret Talents: Eating AYCE sushi, binge watching TV shows, and doing DIY projects/fixing things

If I Couldn't Be a Doctor: Either open a cat cafe where the resident cats could be adopted or become a clinical psychologist (although still health related)!

EM Interests: Medical Education, Social Emergency Medicine

Class of 2027


Rashed AlRemeithi

United Arab Emirates University College MD '19

Honors and Awards: Excellence in performance certificate in Emergency Medicine Clerkship

Research: • GWU Research Fellow with Dr. Pourmand • GWU Disaster and Operational Medicine Research Fellow with Dr. Sullivan

Leadership: • Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine - Conference Organizer Service: • Operation & Event Medicine provider

Hobbies/Interests: • Contact sports • Martial arts • Endurance training • Weightlifting • Reading • Learning new subjects


Caroline Bradford

Liberty University COM DO ‘23
Johns Hopkins University BA ‘16

Honors and Awards: • Silver-level TOUCH Volunteer Award Research: • GWU Research Sub intern with Dr. Meltzer

Leadership: • Class Vice President • Class Parliamentarian • EMRA Wellness Committee • EMRA MSC Mid-Atlantic Representative • EMIG Executive Board Member • Council of Osteopathic Student Gov Presidents - National Legislative Affairs Representative

Service: • Virginia Medical Reserve Corps

Unique Characteristics: • National Center for Health Research – Special Assistant to the President • AMSA Simulation Competition participant • FHCC senior lifeguard

Hobbies/Interests: • Board games, pub trivia, and escape rooms • Hiking, fly fishing, kayaaking, skiing, scuba diving • All raquet sports (pickleball, raquetball) • Horror movies (especially laughably bad ones)


Zachary Dunton

University of Wisconsin Madison MD ‘23
Johns Hopkins University MPH ‘22
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh BS ‘16

Honors and Awards: • US PH Service - Excellence in Public Health • Distinction in Public Health, Research Research: • Trauma surgery outcomes • Firearm injury prevention

Leadership: • WI Medical Society - Delegate, council member • AMA - Delegate, committee chair • Unarmed First Responder Task Force – Committee Associate • OME Curriculum Revision Committee

Unique Characteristics: • MD Office of the Attorney General - Law Clerk • Policy Analyst for Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and Focused Interruption • Advanced Wilderness Life Support certificate • Prior ED scribe

Hobbies/Interests: • Playing guitar, piano and ukulele, performing at open mic nights and battle of the bands • Snowboarding, rock climbing, slacklining, surfing, wake boarding, kayaking, paddle boarding • Running marathons, and triathalons • Writing slam poetry & short stories • Reading fantasty adventure & political satire


Neha Gupta

Pennsylvania State University SOM MD ‘22
Pennsylvania State University BS ‘18

Honors and Awards: • AOA, GHHS, International Children’s Peace Prize • Presidents Call to Service Award • National AI in Medicine Bowl – First place

Research: • Disaster preparedness among school nurses • Artificial Intelligence to address HC disparities • Pediatric TBI outcomes • Personality & career satisfaction in medicine • Impact of Covid on clinical & educational missions • Perception of diseases of despair

Leadership: • Founder and CEO of Empower Orphans • GHHS – Executive Board • Concussion Alliance – Advisory Board • VotER Co-Organizing Director • State of Youth – Co-Founder, Executive Board • Careers in Medicine – M1, M2 Representative • Business of Medicine Association – President • AMWA Treasurer, Women’s Clinic Co-Coordinator • Multicultural Awareness Club – Exec Board

Unique Experiences: • StartUp Health – Digital Health Fellow

Hobbies/Interests: • Nonprofits and advocacy • Fitness classes, dog sitting, cooking, comedy shows • Traveling, exploring food markets in new cities


Hashem Hraky

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine DO ‘23
Thomas Jefferson University MPH ‘19
Temple University PB ‘17
University of Maryland BS ‘16

Research: • Dermatology research • Impact of gender confirmation therapy on mental health Service: • LGBTQIA+ Clinic – STI counselor • Philadelphia FIGHT

Unique Characteristics: • Prior dermatology medical assistant • ED Volunteer as undergraduate • Fluent in Arabic

Hobbies/Interests: • Running—avid runner since high school • Collecting vinyl records (has over 200!) • Discovering new music • Taylor Swift (has been the biggest fan for years and they share a birthday!)


Caitlyn Johnson

USF Health Morsani MD ‘23
Florida Southern College BA/BS ‘18

Honors and Awards: • GHHS • ACEP Research Medical Student Scholar

Leadership: • Peer Support Network – Student Leader • Inherent Value - Fundraising Committee • EMIG Residency Social Media Assistant • Medical Spanish Club - Co-Founder, President of Educators, VP Community Outreach • SNMA Chapter President, MAPS Liaison, Pipeline Mentorship Coordinator, Shadowing Program Coordinator • Medical Student Selection Committee • Student Council on Diversity and Inclusion - Curriculum Chair, Social Media Assistant • Project World Health - Pharmacy Chair, Pharmacy Liaison, Clinical Mentor

Educational Experience: • MS3 Doctoring preceptor • Race in Medicine Module co-author

Unique Characteristics: • STELLAR Program – educator, researcher • Teach for America – 8th grade science • Prior ED scribe

Hobbies/Interests: • In-line skating, yoga, and watching her dog watch nature documentaries


Nicholas Melucci

Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine DO ‘23
Johns Hopkins University MPH ‘22
Michigan State BS ‘16

Honors and Awards: • Sigma Sigma Phi • Counsel of Osteopathic Student Government Presidents Gold Award

Research: • Lorna Breen Act • Medicare physician fee schedule • Alcohol outlet density and DV calls

Leadership: • EMRA Health Policy Committee - Vice Chair • EMIG Vice President • Detroit Street Care Treasurer • EMRA Gun Violence Prevention Panel – Host

Educational Experience: • EMRA Simulation Guide contributor • Opioid educational intervention presenter • Anatomy teaching assistant

Unique Characteristics: • EMRA, ACEP Resolution author • MD Health Policy Intern • Prior PT/OT tech, home health aide, ED scribe • Division 1 lacrosse athlete

Hobbies/Interests: • Hiking, skiing, soccer, lacrosse, hockey, golf • Cooking and cooking shows, theatre/Broadway


Adam Robins

Tulane Univeristy MD ‘23
Tulane Univeristy PB ‘17
Cornell Univeristy BS ‘17

Honors and Awards:  GHHS

Research: Injury prevention

Leadership: • SGA President, VP, and Class Representative • Honor Board member • Professionalism Committee member • Curriculum Committee member • LSMS Science & Tech Committee Chair • Student Clinic Council - Med Innovations Chair

Educational Experience: • Gross Anatomy TA

Unique Characteristics: • Bridge House/Grace House – Board Fellow • Advanced naturalist educator • Prior barback, bartender

Hobbies/Interests: • Cooking: trying to perfect his Neapolitan, NY, and Detroit-style pizzas, espresso drinks, or replicating local restaurant menus • Staying active: weightlifting, rowing, hiking, pickleball or SCUBA diving


Will Sweetser

George Washington University MD ‘23
William and Mary BS ‘15

Honors and Awards:  AOA, GHHS

Research: • Law enforcement presence in the ED • Immigration screening in peds clinic • Termination of resuscitation during Covid

Leadership: • DC EM MSC Community Engagement CoCoordinator, GW Liaison • Admissions Ambassador • Surgery clerkship – Class representative • EMIG Vice President of Events

Educational Experience: • TALKS educator • Stop The Bleed instructor

Unique Characteristics: • Family Lifestyle Program Navigator • GW Event Medicine volunteer • Classroom services tech support • Prior ED tech, ED scribe/trainer, restaurant service worker

Hobbies/Interests: • Downhill skiing, mountain biking & road biking • Camping, rock climbing, hiking, sailing, & surfing • Cooking (with food Instagram)


Mariaelena Uceda

University of Tennessee MD ‘23
Georgia Institute of Technology BS ‘18

Research: • Relationship between intra-operative opioid consumption and post-operative pain outcomes • Attention and working memory • Link between creativity, mood disorders, and rumination

Leadership: • Clinica Esperanza - Team Leader • UTHSC Admissions Student Ambassador • EMIG Media Coordinator • EMpower at UTHSC - Leader

Educational Experience: • Student mentorship program • US education

Unique Characteristics: • Prior ED scribe/trainer • Prior Young Life Academy teaching assistant

Hobbies/Interests: • Running, scenic walks/gentle hikes, kickboxing • Trying new foods, recipes, and restaurants • Video games (Overwatch, Halo, and Portal) • Spending time with friends and family


Michael Walls

Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine DO/MPH ‘22
California Polytechnic State University BS ‘17

Honors and Awards: • US Public Service Corps Excellence in Public Health Award • AMSA Presidential Award

Research: • Impact of COVID-19 on mental health in Chile and Bolivia • Substance use disorder in the ED

Leadership: • AMSA President ’22-‘23 • AMSA President-Elect • AMSA Medical Education Scorecard Chair • AMSA VP for Programming Development • AMSA Regional Membership Director • AMSA Medical Education and Professionalism Policy Director • SGA Vice President of Community Outreach

Hobbies/Interests: • Rocking Climbing • Homebrewing • Hiking with his dogs • Weightlifting • Traveling


Tayeb Waseem

Eastern Virginia Medical School MD ‘23
Eastern Virginia Medical PhD ‘19
Virginia Commonwealth University BS ‘14

Research: • White House Office of Science Technology AI- powered literature review project • SDoH for incarcerated & newly released patients • Extensive research during his PhD resulting in numerous grants, publications, and national presentations

Leadership: • National Science Foundation - Lead Reviewer • Wagner Macula & Retina Center - Director of Medical Informatics & AI Integration • Stability AI Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer • WHO’s Digital Health and Innovations Team • Global Data Access Framework - Initiative Co-Lead • Medical Society of VA – State Community Engagement Chair, M1 representative

Unique Characteristics: • SOSV-IndieBio – Venture fellow • American Association of Immunologists – Public Policy Fellow • Advisor, consultant, or board member of >25 companies • Prior EMT

Hobbies/Interests: • Beach volleyball • Working with tech startups in the health tech/biotech field, teaching undergrad & grad students