Injury Prevention & Toxicology

The mission of the Center for Injury Prevention and Control is to reduce death and disability from intentional and unintentional injury. The goal of the center is to promote existing prevention methods and to optimize trauma care through education, collaboration with the community, and engaging in research contributing to the advancement of the field. The overall burden of disease due to intentional and unintentional injury is significant, particularly in young, productive members of society, and is expected to increase in the coming years. We aim to work together with stakeholders to prevent this predicted reality.

The Toxicology Interest Section provides a forum for GW physicians, residents, and students with an interest in toxicology to share ideas, research projects, and training opportunities. Toxicology is a broad field encompassing acute poisoning, environmental and occupational exposures, government regulations, addiction, legal and forensic toxicology, and more. The medical toxicology fellowship, toxicology faculty, and the affiliation with the National Capital Poison center offer resources to participants.


Below is a list of recent contributions a full list of emergency medicine faculty publications can be found here.