Development of telehealth principles and guidelines for older adults: A modified Delphi approach

Authors: Liane Wardlow PhD, Bruce Leff MD, Kevin Biese MD, Carly Roberts MPH, Laurie Archbald-Pannone MD, Christine Ritchie MD, Linda V. DeCherrie MD, Neal Sikka MD, Suzanne M. Gillespie MD RD

The COVID-19 pandemic elevated telehealth as a prevalent care delivery modality for older adults. However, guidelines and best practices for the provision of healthcare via telehealth are lacking. Principles and guidelines are needed to ensure that telehealth is safe, effective, and equitable for older adults. The Collaborative for Telehealth and Aging (C4TA) composed of providers, experts in geriatrics, telehealth, and advocacy, developed principles and guidelines for delivering telehealth to older adults. Using a modified Delphi process, C4TA members identified three principles and 18 guidelines...

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